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4681Re: [FJGRailroad] FJ&G Picnic & Tee Shirts

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  • Randy & Lorraine
    Jun 28, 2001
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      Glenn I can't answer most of the other questions we do need a coordinator
      of sorts here for this one?? Walt?? I will certainly attend and bring
      slides as well as other things?? as for the Tee shirts I will be glad to
      buy one from you if you or ?? get them done?? sounds like a neat shirt! I
      am just too busy to try and help with the plans !! I will make sure I have
      the key's to the Box Car and have it opened so you all can see what it looks
      like now !!
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      > Group,
      > I plan on making the get-together in August. I'm currently doing two
      > weeks of 24x7 on-call for others, so they owe me!
      > Questions I should have raised before last night's meeting -
      > Question 1: Any plans to hire a hall to show slid
      > es/movies/videos/pictures on that Saturday nite? I'll kick in for
      > the rent, as I'm sure others would. Those of you who have seen the
      > stuff before will probably yawn a lot, but most of it will be new to
      > someone. Me, at least.
      > Question 1a: Anyone bringing a 35mm projector? If so, what kind of
      > trays will it accept? I'm planning on bringing my slides, so I could
      > bring my Kodak, which only takes Carousel trays.
      > Question 2: Where and when do we meet intially on Saturday? The
      > Rail Park in Gloversville? The Adirondack Park marker at Sacandaga
      > Park? Randy's basement?
      > Question 3: For the picnic: what about a special tee shirt
      > commemorating the First Annual Meeting of the FJ&G Railroad Barbeque
      > and Marching Society. The marching? Hey, we gotta walk part of the
      > rail trail, don't we? My thought was to have a high-quality picture
      > of #8 as the centerpiece, with appropriate lettering indicating
      > its100th birthday, plus the date(s) for the First Annual Meeting. I
      > wouldn't want to undertake this one without firm orders, though.
      > Question 4: Wouldn't Gino's stylized Bullet Car design make a great
      > limited-edition tee? Changing the heading to "FJ&G Bullet" makes the
      > railroad name obvious. My stepson just had thee dozen done locally
      > for his martial arts studio (3 colour) and selling them at $15
      > each,his break even point was 19 shirts. The more colours, the
      > higher the setup costs. We could do this on spec, offering it
      > through the eGroup listing, Randy, Gino, and other outlets you can
      > think of. Mail order would be an additional $4 or $5for P&H.
      > Let me know what ya' think.
      > TIA.
      > Glenn
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