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4483Rand Warner 1960-1961

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  • Walt Danylak
    Jun 3, 2001
      The next installment from Rand.


      February - #202 can be seen from River Street in Troy, has not yet
      been dieselized. Flanger #10 was originally built from FJ&G hay car.
      Plow was originally hand operated, using a beam and pegs at different
      heights. Derail has been installed just north of the Pine Street
      crossing – no more runaways. Johnstown depot operated by one man. No
      LCL or express handled there. NYC trucks handle mail up and down
      Mohawk Valley, alternate sides each trip. #340 waiting for purchaser.
      Gas and water was drained out last Fall. Batteries probably dead.
      Mail & express and LCL handled by a fleet of trucks as follows:

      X1 – Chevy Panel (Maintenance)
      X2 – Dodge Pickup (Maintenance)
      11 – 1959 Chevy (aluminum box)
      12 – 1959 Chevy (aluminum box)
      14 – 1960 Chevy (large box)
      29 – Mack with old bus #90 motor
      31 – Ford (from Triope)

      March 20 – Combines, plow and flanger burned at Broadalbin Junction
      the week of March 10. Diesel #30 and gas electric #340 for sale.
      Both front and back of south roundhouse caved in on coach #17.

      April 17 – Outside track, next to bank, being removed at Johnstown
      freight house.

      July 7 – Gas car #340 shipped out to Manitoba. Motors removed from
      trucks during transit. Rails taken from spur in front of passenger
      station in Gloversville. Fire did a small amount of damage to Forge
      Shop at Gloversville. Track at Johnstown freight house relocated, 2nd
      towards bank from shed. Several groups interested in buying coach
      #17, but poor chance because it is not road worthy. Bus garage at
      Gloversville used by Decca Records for storage. Rails removed from
      coal shed at Spring Street. Johnstown freight shed boarded up at end
      opposite offices.

      September 3 – Grade to Spring Street crossing changed by FJ&G to meet
      city requirements.

      October 30 – D&H flanger #S2 moved to machine shop. It is felt that
      the old roundhouse is a fire hazard. More track removed north of the
      Fulton Street crossing.

      November 28 – Johnstown freight office closed. Walked roadbed
      (electric) from Moore's crossing to Fonda. Found passing track. One
      cross are up in Fonda near Fonda Glove Mill. Also rails still in edge
      of street.

      December 4 – Letter from Fred Dye: Cars 77-82 used on the Fonda run.
      Last cars on the run were 62-63. No data on Cayadutta locomotive at
      Ponemah Mills. Coal for Johnstown power station supplied first by
      steam, later by baggage #59 (Cayadutta). Plant shut down when Tribes
      Hill built. Aiken line changed to Fort Johnson line. Brill cars 200-
      202 ran Gloversville, Mayfield, Northville and Broadalbin. No
      electric units ran in multiple. Turnout above Fonda was Cayadutta

      December 25 – Big Chevy express/freight truck left at Fonda overnight.


      March – Coach #17 dismantled by scrap dealer. Remaining trucks from
      others also taken.

      August 15 – South roundhouse demolished. #30 diesel in paint shop –
      for sale. Decca Records using 1st floor of passenger station for
      storage, also the south end of the freight house. Johnstown Fulton
      County Coal Co. sold. Business may pick up at Broadalbin if furniture
      factory goes into furniture assembly. Fred Dye states that freight
      was never handled on the Cayadutta.

      Summer – Crane removed from flat car. Bus #90 scrapped. Machine shop
      sold to Franklin Feed, formerly at West 8th Avenue. Floor filled to
      loading level. Doors put in the ends.