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  • Dicarlo, Gino
    May 6, 2001

      Yeah, we a had a big discussion about the Cayadutta Line and the
      Hair Mill a while back,, but I can't find those messages at work!
      I'll have to dig at home!

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      I have company records of cars handled from Fort Johnson to what we remember

      as the Parkhurst Mill on Harrison Street on the Back line as well as over to

      Amsterdam - must have been one of the companies on the west end. They also
      hauled the coal to Tribes Hill and Johnstown. Why they did the long haul to

      Johnstown is probably because it is six of one half dozen of another. They
      ran the engine down to Fort Johnson, may as well handle a car or two in the

      Wish I could put my hand on those papers. Gino, didn't I put something on
      here many months ago with car initials and numbers and dates?

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