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366Re: Sacandaga Reservoir construction

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  • Randy & Lorraine Decker
    Jan 2, 2000
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      Sacandaga Reservoir constructionArron thank you for finding the exact amount I knew you could do it! This was a huge sum of money at that time regardless of the exact amount. My point was that the RR most likely never intended to build the new line to Northville, the profits were barely worth running the gas cars. And I am surprised that more of the stock holders weren't involved in buying up the lands above the taking line of the reservoir! These guy's knew it was coming and some of the families who fought to the bitter end and would not sell were given $1 for there homes and lands and forcibly evicted! I will have to look again but I believe the RR was given separate settlements for the loss and they may have been added together later? not sure? one for the estimated loss of revenue, the railbed, the land and structures at the park ,and the structures at Northville and also for the cost of reconstruction. Now how they paid it I am unsure but you can be sure the RR fought long and hard for every dime! (If anyone would like this to the penny I am sure I could find it but I think this would be a tedious pusuit of piddling trivia) and if they could claim the railbed was upgraded to 100lb code rail they would have! Arron you are a Diesel fan the little Plymoth Dinky's used to construct the dam may have been the first use of diesel power in the north? The construction at the dam could be considered a railroad and there was a small engine used for the Batchellerville Bridge construction project although I think this one may have been Gasoline?
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      From: Gino And Kelly DiCarlo
      To: FJG Railroad
      Sent: Saturday, January 01, 2000 11:48 PM
      Subject: [FJGRailroad] Sacandaga Reservoir construction

      Gino, could you please forward that FJ&G was given $1,750,000 for losses due
      to the Sacandaga Reservoir construction, including $70,000 for Sacandaga
      Park. This according to a ledger book telling what each property holder was
      given when the reservoir was flooded. I was given opportunity to see the
      book a few years ago and copied this information from the book.

      An interesting look through the railroad's history will tell you that J.
      Ledlie Hees got into trouble because he was involved with both the electric
      interests that built the reservoir, and also involved with the railroad that
      the reservoir covered. He wrote a VERY lengthy letter to the board of
      directors of the FJ&G telling how this conflict of interest didn't affect
      his job at the railroad.

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