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362Re: Sacandaga Gates

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  • Randy & Lorraine Decker
    Dec 31, 1999
      Hey Gino and Saul I have to admit I live right up here and I have not been
      in the woods behind the Northampton diner and the bunker hill road The
      crossing is real hard to see now but I know where it crossed and it did turn
      out into the lake for the run toward Mayfield from there as far as I know
      the new rt 30 was in part the desired route for the FJ&G relocation plans I
      have copies of these but I think this was just to keep the law suit for the
      loss of the railbed agaist the state on track If the state could prove the
      FJ&G had no intention of spending money for the relocation etc. etc. they
      would not have been given the setelment they were finally rewarded with I
      have the actual figure signed by the lawers somewhere one million 3 or
      something like that! but I do think the state used some of the preliminary
      surveys and geological references paid for by the FJ&G for the new rt 30 but
      the RR was always to the south of this road even at the Northville bridge
      were rt30 and the fjg came the closest!
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      > From: Gino And Kelly DiCarlo <dicarlos@...>
      > I also have the USGS maps which I used about 15 years ago, but I
      > never found that jeep trail. I also could never see any right
      > of way near Bunker Hill Road. This should also be right about
      > where the line came out of Cranberry Creek and headed to Northville.
      > Gino
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      > > To: FJGRailroad@onelist.com
      > > Subject: [FJGRailroad] Sacandaga Gates
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      > > From: skalbfel@...
      > >
      > > There were 2 gates to the original Park. One where you mentioned, the
      other at
      > > the East
      > > end of McKinley Road. That one was partially destroyed in the fifties by
      > > someone who lived
      > > in the first house on McKinley(No Names Mentioned)who decided on his own
      > > the entrance was too narrow for two cars to pass at the intersection.
      Too bad.
      > > We lived in the third cottage. The other gate was right
      > > along side the ROW at the intersection of old Rt. 30 and Mountain Road.
      > > time you are up there notice the 2 or 3 cottages that are on a short
      > > off Mountain Road just West of the intersection and how they parallel
      the ROW.
      > > I'm looking for some old USGS Survey maps of Fulton County I've had for
      > > 15
      > > years. I'm thinking now about what I said yesterday about the FJG ROW
      > > of Sacndaga. I think the line was absolutely straight from Cranberry
      > > Creek to Northville. Where the new Rt. 30 branches from old Rt. 30 the
      > > turns to the north and lines up with the old railbed and goes to the
      > > where the highway turns slightly to go around Sacandaga Park. Park of
      the old
      > > ROW on the USGS map was labelled a "Jeep Trail." You can still make out
      > > the ROW crosses Bunker Hill Road, at least you could about 10 years ago.
      > > On a side, unrelated note, in Michigan a big issue is how shabbily built
      > > our
      > > roads and how they don't hold up. Last time I was on that section of Rt.
      > > 30,(1997)
      > > I was amazed at it's excellent condition, after 43 years. That is one of
      > > best built slabs of concrete I've ever been on.
      > >
      > > Saul
      > >
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