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359Elephant Graveyard

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  • skalbfel@xx.xxxxxx.xxx
    Dec 31, 1999
      Do you think a metal detector scan out where the cars were burned would reveal
      any artifacts? Also, re what used to be the Beachcomber. I was there in 1997 right
      after they opened. I liked the old dumpy place better. Where do they get enough
      clientele to keep open all year? Park is pretty desolate in the winter. Also Randy,
      I have a couple of promotional brochures my mother gave me a long time ago. One
      is little pocket size guide to the Park called Sacandaga Park The Gem Resort of
      the North. No date. Also have "Camera Sketches of Sacandaga Park". This one is
      8 1/2 x 11 and in excellent condition. Pictures are excellent quality. Also have
      a small collection of hand colored post cards. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!
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