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357Re: Forwarded Message From Aaron from Saul

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  • paul larner
    Dec 30, 1999
      I think the flanger came from the D&H in the late fifties. We used it when
      I was there in 1964-65. When it was acquiredthe older one was destroyed.
      Not sure about the plow, but the usual practice was to take them out to the
      Junction and burn them. Notable exception wwas the old tool car from the
      south roundhouse. It was dismantled by a scrapper in the west yard in 1961.
      I stood vigil on that one and took a series of photos. I have the
      headboard from that ex coach which had Fonda Johnstown and Gloversville on
      it in gold leaf.


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      > Snow Plowing
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      >Regarding your post to the listserv about snow plow attachments, FJ&G did
      >have attachments for both ends of the S2s. I have a picture of the 21 with
      >plows on both ends. Picture was taken before the DO years.
      >Originally the railroad had a flanger and a plow; I heard both were made
      >from old FJ&G wooden boxcars. The railroad junked these in 1960---notes
      >from local fans say they were burned.
      >The flanger you referred to, now near Northville, came from the D&H in
      >but was not used much during the DO years from what I have gathered.
      >DO bought an old B&M plow for their operations on the FJ&G; this came in
      >DO also bought an old Louisiana Midland Jordan Spreader for the FJ&G; I'm
      >not sure when this came but I estimate it arrived on the property sometime
      >around 1977.
      >The DO equipment was left on the line until 1988. The ex-B&M plow was
      >from Broadalbin Junction to Fonda at that time. It sat in Fonda for about
      >year and was finally taken to Utica on the NYS&W, where it sits today. The
      >Jordan Spreader was scrapped on-site near the Hill St. yard sometime
      >1988 and 1991, roughly.
      >Could you please post this to the list as I can't do so from home?
      >Visit Gino's F.J.G.R.R. Page at
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