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    Dec 29, 1999
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      Snow Plowing
      Tue, 28 Dec 1999 13:05:17 -0500
      "Aaron Keller" <mgaj@...>


      Regarding your post to the listserv about snow plow attachments, FJ&G did
      have attachments for both ends of the S2s. I have a picture of the 21 with
      plows on both ends. Picture was taken before the DO years.

      Originally the railroad had a flanger and a plow; I heard both were made
      from old FJ&G wooden boxcars. The railroad junked these in 1960---notes
      from local fans say they were burned.

      The flanger you referred to, now near Northville, came from the D&H in 1968,
      but was not used much during the DO years from what I have gathered.

      DO bought an old B&M plow for their operations on the FJ&G; this came in

      DO also bought an old Louisiana Midland Jordan Spreader for the FJ&G; I'm
      not sure when this came but I estimate it arrived on the property sometime
      around 1977.

      The DO equipment was left on the line until 1988. The ex-B&M plow was moved
      from Broadalbin Junction to Fonda at that time. It sat in Fonda for about a
      year and was finally taken to Utica on the NYS&W, where it sits today. The
      Jordan Spreader was scrapped on-site near the Hill St. yard sometime between
      1988 and 1991, roughly.

      Could you please post this to the list as I can't do so from home?

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