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3487RE: [FJGRailroad] Re: Leader Herald Editorial

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  • paul larner
    Mar 14, 2001
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      That's why manuals instruct that the hand brake be applied without air
      brakes applied. The worst thing you can do safety wise is to dump the air
      then apply the hand brake. Not the place to explain the physics.


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      >You mean pulling that lever on the side of a boxcar releases the
      >and then the brakes? Oops, my friends and I would walk along strings of
      >in the Gloversville Yards and out at Patch Road and pull all those levers
      >hear the cool sound it would make! That would have been neat if they
      >away! As a matter of fact, every once in a while I'll take a walk out back
      >near the plant and show my co-workers that neat little trick on our
      >Gino DiCarlo
      >Quad Imaging Saratoga
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      >Yea ,I never had the pleasure of going into Mohawk Furniture.When
      >railcars are standing with air brakes on,there is a bleed rod located
      >under the car.Pull the rod,and it will release the air from the brake
      >cylinder,causing the brake piston to slide back into the cylinder and
      >releases the brake shoes from the wheels.The car then becomes free
      >rolling.If cars are standing sometimes the air will leak out by
      >themselves and causing the cars to become free standing.Thats where the
      >importance of the hanbrakes. Mark
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