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2725Where is everybody

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  • waltdanylak@citlink.net
    Feb 1, 2001
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      Where is everyone? Not many messages since the changeover to Yahoo.
      Was everyone able to make the change? Lets here from you guys.

      At the meeting last night everyone agreed on July 21 for our get
      together. In fact we may expand it to include July 22 as well. Is the
      date OK for everyone? If I don't hear from anyone by Monday, February
      5, I will assume that we will hold our get together July 21-22. Saul,
      can you attend this weekend? If you are planning to attend, and are
      driving from Detroit, I guess we could adjust the date for you.

      Lets hear from you guys. What would like to do? Should we have a
      formal schedule of events or keep it loose. Lets have some input.

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