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  • Stanleyb23@xxx.xxx
    Aug 1, 1999
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      In a message dated 8/1/99 10:25:25 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
      LeeDarshi@... writes:

      << joined the group for two reasons; the first is that I am originally from
      Schenectady and loved railroads from childhood, including my Lionel 027 gauge
      electric railroad stock. The second reason for my interest is the enthusiasm
      that my nephew Gino has for the FJGRailroad.

      Lee Morelli
      I was also born in Schenectady. I lived there for the first 8 years of my
      life and moved to NYC in 1937, so I remember seeing the FJ&G bullet cars
      Besides the bullet cars I am particularly interested in cars 176 and 177,
      which were built in the early 20's for the Albany and Southern. One of my
      uncles worked for the A&S as a bookkeeper and occasionally had to ride
      shotgun on the payroll when they took it down the line on a trolley.
      176 and 177 were originally built with poles AND third rail shoes AND a
      pantagraph, as the A&S used all of these modes.
      A&S folded in the late 20's and FJ&G bought those two cars and used them as
      interurbans until they got the bullet cars. Schenectady Railway bought other
      A&S cars at that time. When the bridge across the Mohawk River was condemned,
      176 and 177 became interurbans once again, as they were double-ended.
      Eventually they were sold to Portland, OR, where they were renumbered 4006
      and 4007 and ran, I believe, until the 50's.
      I came back to Schenectady in 1946 to attend Union College. FJ&G was now
      running buses but they still terminated at the loop around Crescent Park.

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