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1902RE: [FJGRailroad] Another stranded boxcar?

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  • Dicarlo, Gino
    Nov 14, 2000
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      So FJG/DO 103 must have been on the LASB before the FJG? It is
      black in the MR article and I think I saw 1988 on the article.
      My post earlier was that I have pictures of FJG/DO 103 with LASB
      marks and the pictures are 1981. I'll post them to the Egroup site.
      I was wondering if 103 went to the LASB after the FJG was abandoned.

      Gino DiCarlo
      Quad Imaging Saratoga

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      Lackawaxen and Stourbridge is in extreme northeastern Pennsylvania. The
      Wayne County, PA Chamber of Commerce operates excursions over the line.
      It's a pretty area; somewhat isolated from everything else though. It's not
      on a major interstate or anything like that. If you like taking drives
      through the country and checking out old railroad towns, you'd have an
      enjoyable trip down there. Easiest way to get there is, I believe, to go
      down Interstate-88 to Nineveh and then take the back roads directly south
      into Honesdale, PA, the present terminus of the line. That's where the
      enginehouse and freight house are, and where the excursions leave from.

      You might want to look at the following Website:

      The LASB is owned by the State of Pennsylvania and was operated by Delaware
      Otsego under designated operator status. DO left that operation in the very
      early 1990s and the state simply contracted it to someplace else. Can't
      remember exactly who runs it now, but they do still operate freight and
      passenger trains over that line.

      I haven't researched this in a while or looked at my notes in the past few
      years, but I believe #103 was originally used on the LASB and later
      transferred to FJ&G. I can't remember for certain, though, and I don't have
      my notes with me to check up on it anytime soon. Work and classes have been
      taking up 90% of my time and I am starting to lose track of all the FJ&G
      stuff I used to know by memory.


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