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19Canadian groups crash too!

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  • Paul Charland
    Jul 20, 1999
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      Hi Aaron,

      This wouldn't happen to be a guy by the name of Lewis and his son? Was
      a local county historian with a son who had (has?) an ex-FJ&G caboose
      for a gift shop in the southern Lake George area? Just a guess!

      A lot of public libraries have access ti the Internet, maybe there is a
      way of getting the Gloversville group involved in the news group.

      Had a similar problem with a Historical Society up here a few years
      ago. We started to restore an ex-CNR passenger station along with an
      ex-CPR S-3. After both were well on their way, someone decided that we
      needed to hire a curator full time (someone's buddy). They hired a guy
      upon one of the directors recommendations, for $33,000.00 per year, and
      the guy was mis-using funds right and left. When this was pointed out
      to the directors, it was just swept under the carpet. Myself, and most
      of the original members dropped out, one by one, after doing a lot of
      good work (I was member #4), and now with all the miss management this
      guy brought to the place, they are on the verge of bankruptcy. Too bad,
      the place had potential.

      Paul Charland