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1688Roland Bower's Letter to LH on 8/3/00

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  • Saul Kalbfeld
    Sep 4, 2000
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      Rail Trail a big waste of taxpayers' money

      I worked on the FJ&G Railroad for 10 years. When I worked there, the
      railroad owned the land, maintained its own road bed, maintained its
      own traffic controllers, plowed the snow, cut the brush and policed
      the entire route. The railroad also paid Gloversville, Johnstown and
      Amsterdam city taxes, Montgomery and Fulton County taxes and school
      taxes to the Northville, Mayfield, Broadalbin, Johnstown, Fonda and
      Amsterdam school districts.

      The notion that the Rail Trail fiasco is going to produce some
      pie-in-the-sky revenue for this area is beyond ludicrous &emdash;
      it's absurd. This is another classic example of politicians throwing
      away our tax dollars. Where is this grant coming from? A member item
      in the state pork barrel slush fund? We've had a mugging on the
      and last week, a man was charged with sodomy after an incident on the

      Gloversville and Johnstown have several hundreds of miles of
      sidewalks to walk on. What's better than a nice brisk walk on
      historic Kingsboro Avenue in the summertime?

      By law, the railroad had to blow its whistle at all grade crossings.
      This used to be the chief complaint of the residents. Who is going to
      police this monstrosity beyond the city line to Dennie's Crossing?

      Please stop throwing good money after bad.

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