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1686Re: Yahoo has your Address

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  • Glenn Williams
    Sep 2, 2000
      --- In FJGRailroad@egroups.com, Paul Charland <p.charlie@s...> wrote:
      > Hi Gino,
      > Let's hope they will stick to the original terms. Just don't trust
      > any company that wants you to fill out a abuse form on their web
      > site, and tells you they will use your personal information for
      > whatever they feel like. Time will tell, just thought people
      > should be warned.
      > Paul
      I must agree with Paul on this one, for the little direct case law
      there is tends to side with the seller. While the US's FTC favours
      new rules to protect one's privacy, the technology to gather personal
      information has always been there and utilized.

      For more info, read up on the DoubleClick and Amazon.com positions.
      Amazon.com is being up-front with their (possible) intentions. What
      cheesed everyone about DoubleClick was that they weren't. More and
      more e-businesses are realizing that one of their prime assets is the
      customer information and preferences they have gathered. Witness the
      Toysmart liquidation, wherein the information they gathered is up for
      grabs, despite their TRUSTe privacy pledge.

      Any progress toward greater protection will more likely be motivated
      by doing business in the European Union, where privacy is statutorily
      protected, and oversight exists, along with severe penalties. In my
      last position, we were constantly in touch with the legal beagles
      over what could and could not be done, where, and with what, via the
      Internet in the EU. Sorry to go on so long, but this one is a real

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