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  • Dicarlo, Gino
    Jul 29, 2000
      There's an article in today's (7-29) Glen's Falls Post Star. It's about
      Mac Sanders and Ronald Crowd from The Battenkill Railroad going to testify
      to Congress. The idea was from Congressman John Sweeney who had them
      testify to a subcommitte for a bill that would give money to small railroad
      companies. It's called the Emergency Rural and Small Railroad Preservation
      Act. The bill looks to get some money for upgrades and a reduction in a
      tax on every gallon of diesel fuel they buy. NE Rail is looking for about
      $2 million to upgrade their tracks which are old and outdated. The Battenkill
      ran about 500 cars over their tracks last year on top of their tourist runs
      with the Battenkill Rambler.