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15714AC&N - Fiber Glass Industries

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  • Aaron Keller
    Aug 6, 2014
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      The Leader-Herald and WNYT (NBC) in Albany are reporting today that Fiber Glass Industries is shutting down.  I believe this was the sole and last customer CSX had up on the hill in Amsterdam going back at least 20 years.  

      The switchback rail line up there, I believe, is owned by the local economic development corporation or some sort of quasi-government group, though I'd have to double-check my documents on that.  

      I wonder what's next?  There has been no service up the hill for several years.  Now, the plant's shutdown would suggest that the future is bleak.  

      The line was built as the Amsterdam, Chuctanunda and Northern Railroad, which in turn was wholly owned by the Amsterdam Linseed Oil Works.  Though the railroad was owned by the linseed people, the "rails, ties, track fastenings, and ballast are the property of the New York Central" according to the commissioner's reports.  The line was always operated by the New York Central and its successors.  It was known in recent years by employee timetable designation as the Kellogg Industrial.