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  • Paul
    Feb 2, 2014
      In an effort to mate random FJ&G baggage tags I am looking to match the missing tag of the following pairs and numbers in my accumulation:

      Fonda - Gloversville (Robbins) 172, 220.
      Fonda - Mayfield (Robbins) 20.
      Fonda - Cranberry Creek (Robbins) 20, 23, 25.
      Fonda - Sacandaga Park (Am. Ry. Supply) 29. 54.
      Fonda - Broadalbin (Am. Ry. Supply) 13.

      Johnstown TO Fonda, single slot, (Hoole) 218, 222
      Johnstown - Gloversville (Robbins) 67, 71, 100.
      Johnstown - Cranberry Creek (Robbins) 3, 5, 19.
      Johnstown - Sacandaga Park (Robbins) 17.
      Johnstown - Broadalbin (Am. Ry. Supply) 7.

      Gloversville - Cranberry Creek (Robbins) 12, 22.
      Gloversville - Sacandaga Park (Am. Ry. Supply) 37.
      Gloversville - Northville (Am. Ry. Supply) 73.

      Mayfield TO Fonda, single slot, (Robbins) 63.
      Mayfield - Northville (Robbins) 7.

      Cranberry Creek - Northville (Robbins) 22.

      There are four pairs I have not yet found and will purchase or trade to own: Johnstown/Northville; Mayfield/Cranberry Creek; Cranberry Creek/Sacandaga Park; and Sacandaga Park/Northville.

      Additionally I am seeking any checks to or from Sammonsville, and also Kingsboro. There is a possibility tags were made for use between Broadalbin and Mayfield, Cran. Crk. Sac. Park and Northville.

      If you have and are willing to part with, or need, any of the missing tags please contact me off list.

      PKL (pklarner@...)