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    Jan 14, 2014
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      Hi guys,

      I know that no one noticed, since no one said anything, but my web-pages haven't been up in a little while.  I switched hosts this Fall and even resurrected fjgrr.com, my original site, but not anymore!!!  I've dealt with a couple of companies who's promise of low-rates lasted for one month only and then they raised the prives quite a bit.  $1.99 a month turned into $15.99 which is hi-way robbery!!!!  I also found a site where I created a new domain for the hell of it, ginosrailmuseum.com, only to have it stop working after a few weeks.  All messages and calls to these foreign jerks have gone un-answered!

      Anyhow, that's all water under the trestle and what-not, so for the time being I am having my sites reside and a server provided a few years ago.  Lucky for me, group member Erik Denny created a spot for me years ago and it still works.  If you pop over to http://gino.cdfw.net, you'll find all my pages which I hope to have them running at 100 percent.  Some links are broken, but I'm trying to fix them.

      The good news is I own all my domain names (fjgrr.org, fjgrr.com and ginosrailpage.com) so they haven't been lost to a Russian Call-Girl site.

      Spread the word and hopefully things will get back to normal soon!

      Happy New Year!