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  • Aaron Keller
    Oct 9, 2013
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      Re:  the WTEN antenna, I have heard the same thing, and I do not think I heard it from you.  

      How the tower arrived is up for debate; however, I do know it was shipped out via rail when it was dismantled.  

      The July 2, 1965, and the August 20, 1965 editions of the Leader-Herald state that the tower was shipped out by rail in thirty-foot sections when it was dismantled.  This must have been some accomplishment, as the tower was 1,340 feet high and contained a 60-foot antenna on its top.  That leaves 1,280 feet to be shipped by rail.  In thirty-foot sections, that's roughly 43 sections.  

      I am surprised that we do not have photos of such a move; it must have been substantial (or, at least rare) for the railroad and there were plenty of photographers active on the line in 1965.  Since the dismantling occurred over time, it is doubtful that the entire move occurred at once; maybe the railroad hauled two or three cars a day?  

      The articles state that the WTEN tower went to the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill market.  The articles do not state which station bought the tower, though a tower height query and/or a license query through the FCC might provide details.  

      If the tower shipped out via rail, might it have arrived via rail?  It is possible.  

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