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15540Fw: [CSXTSightings] OT Yahoo Groups (was TEST)

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  • kattrain177
    Sep 13, 2013
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      I am taking the time to forward this message sent out by Charlie in response to a member of the CSXTSightings group, because we need to remember that Yahoo is in the middle of a corporate flux.  We also must remember that these are 'OUR Groups' and we are the ones that kept them alive.  No, we do not pay for these services and cannot ask for a refund, but without the dedication of the Creators and the Moderators and the cooperation of railfans and photographers from all walks of life 'OUR Groups' would no longer exist.
      Obviously everyone is having a different problem with Yahoo groups and/or email.  I personally have experienced almost every issue that has been communicated.  My best advice to everyone, especially to the Creators and Moderators, is to go to the link as Charlie had posted and let Yahoo know how you feel. 


      We kept these groups alive for so many years, do not let them take it away from us.  Running away and abandoning ship is not the answer...we need to stand together and fight for 'OUR Groups.'  Please follow Charlie's lead and go to the uservoice in the link above. 

      Thank you to Charlie and all the Creators, Moderators, Fans, and Lurkers

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      Subject: [CSXTSightings] OT Yahoo Groups (was TEST)

      Yahoo is certainly taking the slippery slope with the heavy handed, unannounced changes to the groups and lax attention to the email/group post turnaround times. I have been using Yahoo and their group predecessors Onelist and eGroups since the 90s and have been quite satisfied with how things have worked until now. I hope Yahoo's new management will see the light and realize they are hemorrhaging group and email users to the competition. Since none of us will receive a refund for Yahoo's present quality of service I would appreciate all list members sharing their feelings with Yahoo on the Yahoo Group’s feedback forum:


      Remember, if it ain't broke, don't fix it :-/

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