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  • Paul Larner
    Aug 14, 2013
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      There will be a gathering of the FJ&G faithful and others interested on October 5.  Please let me know if this is in your plans for this year as I need to plan for a meeting room, the "banquet," name tags, brochures, etc. 
      If any of you is able and willing to do a 45 - 60 minute presentation on a subject informative about an FJ&G specific topic or present a slide presentation of 75 to 100 FJ&G images, modeling the FJ&G or whatever you have to share as long as it is direct to the FJ&G railroad, don't you think this is a good opportunity to bring it to those who will care the most.
      In many of the latest meetings we have started at the Fulton County Museum on N. Kingsboro Avenue where there is a nice exhibit directed to the railroad, but there are other museum quality artifacts to "show and tell" from our personal collections which would be of interest.  And maybe some of us have items for trading or selling among members.  Let me know so tables can be arranged.
      If any of this appeals to you please let me know.  A good time will be had irrespective of the program but such enhances the day and, if we're allowed to use the museum, by opening the presentation portion of the get together to the public permits the museum to receive donations for their needs.
      Digital presentation devices are available.   Should you have slides to present let me know if you don't have a suitable projector.  I have a carousel style but it hasn't seen daylight in a lot of years, or better bring your own if you can.
      Anything I forgot?  All ideas are appreciated,
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