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15526US Feldspar Plant, Cranberry Creek 4/15/1935

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  • Gino's Railpage
    Jul 22, 2013
      I get a few questions here and there about the mine between Northville and Mayfield.  The interesting thing about it is it was located on Jackson Summit and I believe about 3 miles from the FJ&G's Northville Line.  They employed a tram to deliver stone from the mine to the right of way of the railroad.  Pretty neat.  Well, I just found a newspaper article from The Morning Herald about a fire at the mine.  It doesn't mention it in the article, but I believe this mine started as Richard Tyrell Farm Pegmatite Quarry.  This was located out past The Mountain Road to Sacandaga Park on what I believe is Tyrell Road...


      LOSS ESTIMATED AT $20,000

      The huge plant of the United States Feldspar Corporation located at Cranberry Creek was destroyed

      by fire which broke out early yesterday morning. The fire which was discovered shortly after midnight,

      swept rapidly through the large frame structure, which was reduced to a mass of smouldering

      ruins within a short time. The loss it is estimated will amount to about $20,000.

      It was impossible yesterday to determine the cause of the fire.  Operations at the plant were stopped

      several years ago and no one had been in the building for some time. The fire was first discovered

      by motorists driving along the Mayfield-Northville highway. The plant is located some distance off

      the highway and by the time spectators reached the building the flames were spreading rapidly

      through the upper parts of the structure. None of the officials of the concern could be located here

      yesterday to ascertain if the loss is covered by insurance. The building was constructed

      several years ago when a rich deposit of feldspar was located in the hills near Cranberry Creek.

      The crushing plant was erected alongside of the F., J. & G. railroad company, while a large tramway

      was constructed to transport the feldspar from the mine in the hills. The place was operated but a

      short time after the railroad was torn up to make way for the Sacandaga reservoir. Unable to secure

      cheap transportation the plant was closed. The concern sought to recover damages through a suit

      against the state, but it has never been brought to any of the courts.