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15359Re: Caboose #1

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  • Aaron Keller
    Apr 19, 2012
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      Some time ago I posted images of the No. 1 Caboose in the Files section:


      The photos were from the collection of Walt Danylak.  They were undated, but appeared to be from the mid-1980s based on the printing paper and etc.  I suspect the negatives may have been from that time, but they could have been from earlier as well. 

      I emailed the current Rail City people two years ago to inquire.  In a response from Bob Groman on March 2nd, 2010, I was told that the caboose was sold in 1993; however, Groman did not know where it went.  So, it went somewhere; the question is where.

      The CNY NRHS does not appear to have it, unless it's not listed on the Chapter's Web site. 

      I used to know a few Chapter people quite well back in the day; however, it's been many years. 

      The last I heard, FJ&G No. 3 was alleged to still be in the Honesdale area.

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