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15324Re: [FJGRailroad] The CNYK may roll again....sort of

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  • Gordon Davis
    Apr 3, 2012
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      I grew up along the Springs branch and wish this venture well. My only
      concern is that there are no other tourist attractions in the immediate
      vicinity to supplement it; Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley of course feeds
      off from Cooperstown, Saratoga & North Creek from Saratoga, etc.
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      Riding the former Central New York Railroad, a sister railroad to the
      FJ&G's Delaware Otsego Operation may see a
      sign of life. The ROW was purchased a few years ago by a couple guys
      who want to run a narrow gage train on the
      line. They just acquired a stack of light-rail and some signals so
      they can build a test line which will run about a mile
      including two former bridges.

      Company acquires assets for narrow gauge tourist railroad

      Richfield Springs, N.Y. —
      The owners of the Utica, Chenango and Susquehanna Valley LLC recently
      purchased materials to support their economic development plan and
      start a new narrow gauge tourist railroad. “We feel we have a lot to
      offer the community to stimulate the economy and attract people to our
      area,” said Ronald Sadlon, who co-owns the company with Benjamin
      Gottfried. Materials acquired over the past month include 16 tons of
      rail to use for a test track and a truckload of used railway signal
      equipment to control train movements. A passenger train is already in
      place at the South Columbia facility where the test track will be
      The company purchased an 18 mile railroad bed that stretches from
      Richfield Springs to Bridgewater in 2009. They have also purchased
      additional assets for the railway project, including a 6,000 square
      foot creamery, which is planned to be used as a passenger terminal and
      retail space. Narrow gauge trains are far lighter and more fuel
      efficient than the full sized trains which most tourist railroads
      operate, according to Sadlon, who added the lighter trains require
      less fuel to operate and offer riders an exciting rail riding
      experience even at the slow speeds they are known operate.
      Sadlon and Gottfried purchased the narrow gauge “Frontier Town Train”
      in the spring of 2010. The train was used for tourists in Frontier
      Town in Lake George. They said they hope to be able to offer a
      passenger service with the historic train in the future if the right
      pieces fall into place.
      Gottfried said there is currently not a tourist train in southern
      Herkimer County.

      He added an open house is planned for late spring to gather support
      and to “hopefully find the right mix of interested local people to
      bring the idea to fruition.”




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