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15292Re: [FJGRailroad] Re: Scrapping No. 20 & 21

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  • Mark Wilber
    Feb 16, 2012
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      I know both were stolen off of one of the units,not sure which one.I was working the ground work one day and noticed they were gone,I reported it to Cooperstown at the time,but no one really cared about it.

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      I know the plates were gone at some point when they were still in Gloversville. I want to say this was about 1984 when I shot them w/o the plates. I will have to go back further to see when it was that I shot them with the builder's plates on.....
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      I always thought the builders plates were stolen off the units. Is that incorrect? The plates were gone from the units while they were still in service.
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      I had forgotten that you had dates attached to your scrapping photos.

      Your first shot is dated April, 1987; your second is dated June 5th, 1987. Perhaps they sat around for another month until July, 1987? It is unlikely the job was a critical one and they may have done it "when men and time were available."

      It has long been stated that parts to one or both of the FJ&G units went into the rebuild of NYS&W No. 206. It is possible that the units were slowly picked clean for a few years leading up to the Summer of '87.

      According to this, No. 206 had been rebuilt back in '85:

      It is too bad a few 'parts' to the FJ&G units didn't remain. I would have liked to have had the number boards, the bells, the throttles, or whatever else I could have. The builder's plates, the marker lamps, and the original horns were removed in Gloversville. I wonder where they all went. (Paul?)


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