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15263New York Railroads E-News 38 [1-26-12]

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  • NY Railroads - Tom Trencansky
    Jan 27, 2012
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      New York Railroads E-News 38 [1-26-12]


      Hello friends,


      Please check out the latest news and events at www.newyorkrailroads.com/news.   We have uploaded all sorts of information at www.newyorkrailroads.com and now link to over 200 NYS rail-related organizations. 


      There’s several new links as well as updated events including info on the Amherst Show in Springfield this weekend and the large show near Buffalo later in February [18th and 19th sponsored by the Western NY Railway Historical Society].  Please support these organizations!


      I do apologize for some cross-postings but there is a lot of new material each month, new ALCO web for the Heritage Museum, D&H information, and we are currently working on webpages to share Conrail and WAG information, etc.  I try to send only one email per month and ask to please excuse some duplication.


      Any questions, please contact me via email, anytime and thanks,


      Tom Trencansky, Dryden, NY