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15159Re: [FJGRailroad] Caboose No. 2

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  • Gordon Davis
    Aug 24 11:53 AM
      The only caboose(s) that I remember at Rail City were an ex-NYC one and Perry's Pride from the Grasse River.  The Central one was part of their train operation.
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      Caboose No. 1, the four wheel bobber, was acquired by Rail City for their collection.  No. 2's location in the photo has some ofteh characteristics of another rail equipment collection here in VT.  I had also heard the 2 went to this location but ... ?

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      The only 'Rail City' I know of was quite a distance from Albany.....Sandy Pond on Lake Ontario nearer to Syracuse.  By the '80s it was basically defunct and within the last decade the inventory (read relics) were auctioned off.  I don't remember any FJ&G caboose as being part of the collection.
      Gordon D.
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      Hi All,

      Years ago I called the museum in Shelburne one time when I was heading
      to Rutland. They told me back then that the caboose had been moved to
      "Rail City" just outside Albany.. would have been mid '80s. When I
      first got on the internet back in 1998ish I liked for Rail City and only
      found that they had closed years earlier with no indication of what
      happened to their collection.

      Paul :-)

      On 24/08/2011 12:59 PM, Paul wrote:
      > There is currently a slide of caboose No. 2 at its fourth home taken
      > in 1985. I didn't realize it had been removed from the Shelburne
      > Museum that far back. For what it is worth, from the background I
      > think I know where this photo was shot so, when I get a day I'll take
      > a run over there to confirm and advise.
      > However, in the meantime, if someone is in Vermont traveling route 5,
      > south of St. Johnsbury, near Passumpsic and happens to have an
      > opportunity to look, maybe you will save me a trip by verifying
      > whether or not the caboose is still there. And you could share a few
      > photos with the group.
      > PKL

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