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15157Re: [FJGRailroad] Caboose No. 2

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  • Gordon Davis
    Aug 24 11:23 AM
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      The only 'Rail City' I know of was quite a distance from Albany.....Sandy Pond on Lake Ontario nearer to Syracuse.  By the '80s it was basically defunct and within the last decade the inventory (read relics) were auctioned off.  I don't remember any FJ&G caboose as being part of the collection.
      Gordon D.
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      Hi All,

      Years ago I called the museum in Shelburne one time when I was heading
      to Rutland. They told me back then that the caboose had been moved to
      "Rail City" just outside Albany.. would have been mid '80s. When I
      first got on the internet back in 1998ish I liked for Rail City and only
      found that they had closed years earlier with no indication of what
      happened to their collection.

      Paul :-)

      On 24/08/2011 12:59 PM, Paul wrote:
      > There is currently a slide of caboose No. 2 at its fourth home taken
      > in 1985. I didn't realize it had been removed from the Shelburne
      > Museum that far back. For what it is worth, from the background I
      > think I know where this photo was shot so, when I get a day I'll take
      > a run over there to confirm and advise.
      > However, in the meantime, if someone is in Vermont traveling route 5,
      > south of St. Johnsbury, near Passumpsic and happens to have an
      > opportunity to look, maybe you will save me a trip by verifying
      > whether or not the caboose is still there. And you could share a few
      > photos with the group.
      > PKL

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