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15039Re: [FJGRailroad] Amsterdam Industry

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  • Jerry Snyder
    Apr 4, 2011
      Paul Larner is correct.  It was originally a limestone quarry, the name of which I have around here somewhere.  In 1954 the 15 unit Mohawk View Motel was built in there.  They added on in 1956, 1958, 1960, and 1964 (apparently business was pretty good).  The Tepee restaurant (the large portion of the structure toward the upper left) was added in 1962, replacing the 1956 coffee shop.  The Tepee and the motel were both enlarged in 1964, with the new section of the restaurant built right onto the stone quarry wall face, which formed some of the walls inside, and caused no end of problems with leaks and dampness inside.  It was a very popular spot in the '60's and early '70's. I have a postcard illustration of it that I will scan and put in the AC&N album.  The motel shut down quite a few years ago and is pretty much a ruin today.  The Tepee itself  has gone through a few owners over the last 20 years (including the City of Amsterdam) but no-one has been able to make a go of it.  It's been boarded up now for the last few years and the current owner (who also owns several other empty properties around the city) has made no effort to do anything with it nor announced any plans for it.  Prior to 1954 it was just the empty abandoned quarry.  And I have no indication that it was ever served by the AC&N.

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      Hi All,

      I was wondering if anyone knew what this industry in Amsterdam was...
      almost looks like a mine of some sort. In this Bing maps shot it
      appears to be closed but in a Google Earth shot from just a couple of
      years earlier the parking lot is filled with dozens of cars.


      Might have to copy and paste the second half of this long link or go to
      the Photos Section, Amsterdam, Chuctanunda, and Northern album, second
      page, last photo.

      Paul :-)

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