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14988Re: [FJGRailroad] Re: Amsterdam Enginehouse?

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  • Paul Charland
    Feb 13, 2011
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      Hi Jerry,

      OK, that sound good, mid'40s works much better in MSTS. When was the
      last FJ&G trolley to Schenectady... I have employee's Timetable 100 here
      and the electric schedule is still in it. The date on the timetable is
      Sunday, September 26, 1954.

      Paul :-)

      On 13/02/2011 7:53 PM, Jerry Snyder wrote:
      > Hi Paul, Kelloggs and Miller sold out the business in Amsterdam,
      > along with their other facilities around the country, to Bisbee
      > Linseed Oil in 1937. Bisbee operated the facility until 1948, but
      > during the last two years used it only as a receiving and shipping
      > mill for their other plants in Philadelphia and Chicago Heights as
      > supplies of flaxseed were insufficient at an economical price to
      > allow oil production here. The last oil produced in Amsterdam
      > shipped out in 1946. (If anyone ever comes acros a Bisbee gallon can
      > with an angry bee on the label, please let me know.) The facility sat
      > idle for 4 years until it was purchased by Slezak Brothers, heating
      > oil distributors, in 1952. They used several of the old linseed oil
      > tanks for fuel oil storage, and rented out storage and warehouse
      > space to several small businesses over the years. The Slezak family
      > still owns the property. Jerry
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