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14973Re: [FJGRailroad] Amsterdam Enginehouse?

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  • Paul Charland
    Feb 11, 2011
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      Hi Jerry,

      Thanks for the help, really appreciate it.

      Paul :-)

      On 11/02/2011 7:06 AM, Jerry Snyder wrote:
      > Paul, I have not been able to find any record in text, map, or
      > newspaper that mentions an enginhouse anywhere in Amsterdam. I am
      > 99.9% certain that there was not one at the Kelloggs and Miller
      > plant, but have not had time to go through all of my old K&M photos
      > yet. I know tracks went through the incoming seed scale storage
      > warehouse, through a covered section of the complex between
      > buildings, and through the outgoing oil scale building. I will
      > forward you the relevant photos offline (or I can put up a gallary so
      > others can also see - what say the group since off topic?). I will be
      > at History and Archives in Fonda today and see what else I can
      > unearth for you. Jerry
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