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14972Re: [FJGRailroad] Amsterdam Enginehouse?

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  • Jerry Snyder
    Feb 11, 2011
      I have not been able to find any record in text, map, or newspaper that mentions an enginhouse anywhere in Amsterdam.  I am 99.9% certain that there was not one at the Kelloggs and Miller plant, but have not had time to go through all of my old K&M photos yet.  I know tracks went through the incoming seed scale storage warehouse, through a covered section of the complex between buildings, and through the outgoing oil scale building. I will forward you the relevant photos offline (or I can put up a gallary so others can also see - what say the group since off topic?). I will be at History and Archives in Fonda today and see what else I can unearth for you.

      --- On Thu, 2/10/11, Paul Charland <p.charlie@...> wrote:

      From: Paul Charland <p.charlie@...>
      Subject: [FJGRailroad] Amsterdam Enginehouse?
      To: FJGRailroad@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Thursday, February 10, 2011, 8:50 AM

      Hi All,

      Slightly off topic here but I'll claim if there was an NYC enginehouse
      it might have been close to the FJ&G electric route.

      As you may be aware I'm working on a Microsoft Train Sim route, trying
      to reproduce the Kellogg Branch. Gino, Paul Larner and Jerry Snyder
      have been helping me off list but I've run into something that I haven't
      found an answer for, and NYC enginehouse. Paul remembers a building up
      near the linseed oil plant he thinks was an enginehouse. Gino sent
      along Sanborn Insurance maps that do not show anything in that area that
      might have been an enginehouse, or even a track that might have been or
      become and enginehouse, Gino sent several years covering the late 1800s
      to 1950.

      Jerry sent along a photo showing an 0-8-0 sitting in front of a water
      column near Morris Street, so we know they could have taken on water in
      Amsterdam. Haven't found anything that would make you think they had a
      coaling facility in Amsterdam but the Sanborn maps end at Elk Street, so
      there's still a few blocks to the west end of the yard and the yard
      itself that might have been the location of an enginehouse or coaling
      facility... or... maybe the train originated somewhere east of Amsterdam
      and the train ran on the mainline to Amsterdam, switched Amsterdam
      through the day, then returned on the mainline to where they started the
      day (that would be Selkirk today but not sure Selkirk was open back in
      the late 1930s).

      Anyway, if anyone knows one way or the other if there was an enginehouse
      in Amsterdam or if there was some place they could take on coal there,
      or even if there was no enginehouse or coal facilities used by the NYC
      would be nice to here from you.

      Paul :-)

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