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1479Re: [FJGRailroad] UP Power

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  • Paul Charland
    Jun 29, 2000
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      Gee, only took 49 hours to show up!


      Paul Charland wrote:

      > Hi Gino,
      > Service seems to be a little slow today, but I'll take a shot at this one.
      > "Run Throughs" refer to trains that, by agreement, run through from one
      > railroad to another to get to the train's destination. For example, a unit
      > ore train may originate on C&NW and it's destination may be the Ford plant
      > served by GTW around Detroit. C&NW does not serve Detroit, so they have an
      > agreement with GTW to have the train "run through" without getting stuck in
      > a yard in Chicago, the train just stops long enough for a crew change and
      > sometimes to switch power. A lot of run thoughs do not even switch power,
      > so foreign power shows up on a different road. In some cases, some of the
      > power is taken off and some of the home road's power is added, especially if
      > the home road is running short of power for their own trains.
      > In the case of the NS power going through Amsterdam last week, I'm guessing
      > that this may have been a train of auto parts heading east, Farmington MA I
      > would guess. Norfolk Southern's ex-Wabash line in Missouri carries a ton of
      > parts to the northeast and this train may be hopping on the CSX at buffalo
      > and running through to MA on a regular basis.
      > Paul
      > "DICARLO, GINO" wrote:
      > > Saul,
      > >
      > > What do you mean by "run throughs?"
      > >
      > > Gino
      > >
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