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14788Re: Wreck at Beckers, North of Mayfield

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  • Aaron Keller
    Jul 25, 2010
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      Ira Barnes indicated to me years ago that this wreck occurred the first time the 14 went to Northville.  Considering the engine was built in 1926 and wrecked in 1926 his story is plausible.  He said that the folks at Alco told the FJ&G not to use engine 14 on the Northville line.  When they did... well, we know the result.

      On a separate tangent, the facts seem a bit suspect to me.  Were the train only going ten to fifteen miles per hour, I would seem to think that the damage would not have been quite so severe.  I thought the guy who put it on the ground had a reputation for running at speed.  The passenger description that it happened quickly, coupled with the known photos of the damage, would indicate more like 25 or 30 miles per hour.

      Or am I wrong, Paul?


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