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14740Re: [FJGRailroad] Amsterdam Station Closing???

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  • Aaron Keller
    Jun 26, 2010

      The full-time agent's position was eliminated while I was in middle school, I think, or perhaps as late as my first year of high school.  So we're talking 1995 or earlier, if I recall correctly.  The full-time agent was most definitely gone by the time I graduated from Gloversville High in 1998.  Somewhere I believe I have the newspaper clipping regarding the station's impending closure. 

      At the time several volunteers, I believe through the local senior citizens' center, or some other similar group, struck up a deal to man the station at critical hours of the day.  That format has continued for quite some time... more than ten years, at least, with dozens of volunteers, I'm sure. 

      Within the last few years, brand new station signs were added to the building.  And, within the last one year, a brand new front door was installed.  So, clearly, there was a certain amount of investment put into the place beyond what's been going on there over the duration of the preceding ten years.  However, on at least one occasion, I've noticed vandalism on the front of the building (graffiti). 

      Strangely enough, within the last week or two, I have seen Amtrak vehicles parked in the Amsterdam station parking lot.  These vehicles were the real deal; they were official white vehicles with the company logo affixed to the sides.  I spotted them on the way to work on at least two occasions.  I was wondering why official vehicles were in this area; certainly it was rare considering there is no paid agent at Amsterdam.  In all my years traveling the Mohawk Valley, I have never, repeat, never seen an official Amtrak vehicle. 

      So, perhaps something is up.  Who knows.  There are currently no press releases on the Amtrak Web site suggesting an impending shutdown.  I recall that when the full-time agent was pulled, a press release was issued, and Amtrak was quick to point out that trains would still stop in Amsterdam and that tickets could be purchased through either the conductor, your local travel agent, the 1-800 number, etc. 

      The current Empire Service timetable, which just went into effect June 21, 2010, lists three eastbounds and three westbounds stopping each day of the week at Amsterdam.  The Lake Shore Ltd. goes through but as always it does not stop in Amsterdam. 


      Let me check further. 


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      That rumor started a long time ago. They said they were going to close the station and they locked it. Then there was a volunteer agent to unlock the door but not sell tickets.
      It has been that way for the last ten years. For a remote location, I think it gets a fair amount of patronage based upon my casual observation.
      Amsterdam does present an occassional bottleneck for CSX and I have watched freights sit waiting for the station stop.

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      Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2010 23:44:30 +0000
      Subject: [FJGRailroad] Amsterdam Station Closing???

      Has anyone heard any rumors that the Amsterdam AMTRAK station is scheduled to be closed? Someone approached me with the question today and I haven't heard anything on the subject.

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