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14377RE: [FJGRailroad] Mystery Photo

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  • joseph Klapkowski
    Feb 22, 2010
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      Unless the 20 and 21 went off the property, in modern times they had to be facing south.

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      The concern I have with guessing it's a northbound train is that the cabs of the FJ&G switchers faced Fonda 99% of the time.  I say 99% of the time because someone somewhere might have a photo to contradict that operating procedure, even though I have no such photo in my collection.  [Does anyone here have one?]  I believe the rationale of the cab-south, nose-north operation was that it aided in ventilating the engine while pulling up the hill out of Fonda. 

      All the photos I have of this period, pre, and post, show the 20 and the 21 on the FJ&G with the cab facing south, the nose facing north.  The railroad had no turning facilities at this time. 
      The DO engines seemed to be pointed north the vast majority of the time as well.  However, after the wye was constructed at the industrial park, sometimes they could be found pointing south.  I have a few photos documenting this.

      I still seem to think it's Union Ave.  I have a photo of the Trackmobile taken from roughly the same vantage point and the tree to the left seems awfully similar.  The junk laying there could also be in the back yard of the house that sits near the tracks at that location.  But perhaps I am wrong.

      The reason I have my doubts about a Patch Rd. location is because of the berm to the right of the engine... I don't think there's such a berm at Patch.

      However, you still could be right, Mark.  I rarely ever went down Union Ave when I was younger and I don't recall if there was a whistle post there at that time.  One is clearly visible in the slide.


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