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  • joseph Klapkowski
    Dec 25, 2009
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      Rather than bore you with yet another Christmas Greeting (I do wish all of you a Merry Christmas, and in the event you don't celebrate Christmas, I do wish you a Happy New Year!) I want to tajke this quiet moment to reflect on our hobby.
      First let me say thank you. Thank you all for adressing my questions and querries even when you feel like, "That dummy should know this...."
      Thank you all for participating in these lists and contributing relavent data and experiences.
      Thank you listowners and moderators for making these lists possible.
      Thank you to those lurkers who give me the answer or provide tid bits for me to share with the list.
      So now that the Chaos around our house has settled down, and I have some "quiet" time now that Santa has returned north, I want to offer you all something tangible.
      You may know that I have a good collection of New York State Railroad Commissioners Reports but recently I also acquired a 1908 and 1906 RR Comm Reports for the State of Massachusettes and 1873 copy of the RR Comm of the State of Conncecticut as well as a 1903 report of the Commissioners of the State of Maine.
      My gift to you.....if you have a specific interest that you want me to look up, drop me a line, I will look it up as time permits.
      So here it is......Merry Christmas, Quanza, Haunnaka or Happy Friday.
      And a better New Year!

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