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14181RE: [FJGRailroad] A 'powerful' question

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  • Paul Larner
    Nov 20, 2009
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      The Mountain lake was a stand alone company, "loosely" affiliated with the Ballston terminal who clearly had the intent to compete with the FJ&G on their own territory.  As a result they needed their own source of power choosing to build their plant at the foot of the mountain.  Coal was hauled in wagons to the plant from the Kingsboro Avenue team track.  As soon as the FJ&G took financial control they connected to the FJ&G source at Tribes Hill, dismantled the power house and sold the equipment.
      The Cayadutta power house on Comrie avenue was located on the original "main" track of the CERR.  After the operation sugared out the intended main route became the back line, used exclusively for work, special moves and coal to the power plant.  The Cayadutta had the little Forney style steam locomotive "Mamie" which they used for work trains and to haul coal to their power plant, the hair mill on Harrison street (Parkhurst's in later years).  I know of no other place where the CE or electric division may have hauled freight, that is on the original electric line.  When the Mamie wasn't available one of the regular cars or the baggage car (50) served as a freight motor.  Home built motor No. 1 was constructed in 1903 to be the principal handler of coal, work trains and the occasional car for Parkhurst.

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      Do I hear groans?
      I am curious, why did the Mountain Lake line have its power house up on the mountain without direct rail access for coal? Didn't they know that electricity could be transmitted over a wire?
      A similar question, how did coal get to the Comry Ave, powerhouse in Johnstown?

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