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14172Re: [FJGRailroad] FJ&G boxcar (SB 918)

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  • Aaron Keller
    Nov 19 10:47 AM
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      Whose ever they were, the Stourbridge Railroad had a string of SB boxcars that never moved.  South Brooklyn is SBK.  One of the current lists I have lists SB as South Buffalo, but I never have heard of the South Buffalo buying former DO boxcars that were already on a DO line and then never moving them off of a DO line.  SBRR is listed as the current reporting marks for Stourbridge Railroad.  I always assumed that the SB cars were old LASB/FJG cars that were transferred to the Stourbridge Railroad.

      An interesting anomaly is a boxcar that sat on an industrial spur in Honesdale for many years.  It was painted in DO blue and lettered with DO yellow stencils, but it carried the name Kimball's Cut and Hawley or Kimball's Cut and Lackawaxen, I can't remember which. 


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