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141Kodak Speech

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  • Aaron Keller
    Nov 4, 1999
      Part of the fun of being at a large University is having a nice array of
      guest speakers come right to your doorstep. It offers a great opportunity
      to meet and chat with those who hold top positions in all sorts of

      Tonight I got a chance to attend a speech and presentation by Mr. Dan Carp,
      current President and soon-to-be CEO of the Eastman Kodak Company. He
      talked a lot about how the photo industry is changing and how his business
      is becoming increasingly digital. He said digital camera sales and related
      technology are now about 20% of his business.

      For those of you who are worried about Kodachrome, I took the time to speak
      with Mr. Carp in person after the speech.

      About a year ago, there was some talk among a few photo insiders that a new
      Kodachrome lab was invented which could process K-14 Kodachrome using a
      minimum of equipment. This would allow Kodachrome's difficult chemical
      processing to be done in common 1-hour photo shops. I have seen very little
      on this since the initial reports, which were few to begin with. So I asked
      Mr. Carp about it.

      Mr. Carp said that his company did in fact invent a successful 1-hour
      Kodachrome machine. Unfortunately, he said, so few patrons were interested
      in buying the smaller processing machine that production on it was stopped.
      He said the machine was simply not worth the hassle because it would never
      turn a profit.

      Oh well, guess we're stuck with waiting for a week for our Kodachromes to
      come back from the big labs...

      All in all, a very interesting speech.