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  • Robert Schoneman
    Sep 2, 2009
      I thought that was D&H lineage; I also thought that would of been worm food by now. This was by the Building Supply on Rt. 30 Town of Northampton.
      Small world. As a bariatric pt, I eat a lot of yogurt. My  budget has doubled in recent months, as I get a organic brand from a company called FAGE. The stuff is made in Johnstown.
      Bob Schoneman
      Appleton, WI
      P.S.  I still have 3.5" disks given to me from our meeting in Northville a few years back. I can be still be used as a reference for these, or be happy to ship them to a location closer to you folks.
      We see a few Pan AM cars out here on the CN, as well as a occasional B&M. A rare car is a D&H gon that flows through every few months, albeit not RM for some other road.
      A regional just west of here in Iowa and Minnesota still uses D&H hopper cars for ballast.
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