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13900Track Diagrams for Fonda

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  • Jason C
    Jul 31, 2009
      Hello all,
      I was wondering if anyone could point me to track diagrams for Fonda circa 1950 or so.  I am researching Fonda as a possible candidate for a single scene layout based on the NYC.  I have the Sanborn Fire Insurance maps that give me tremendous detail from the west end of town where the FJ&G and the NYC diverge after crossing Cayadutta Creek all the way back to around the Freight House at East St.  What I am looking for is a detailed diagram of the NYC tracks from the Freight House to whatever constitutes the end of any yard tracks or sidings that were considered part of Fonda.  I have found an online topographic map from 1902 but it does not show any details of a possible yard.
      Also, I have a question regarding something on the Sanborn map.  There is a turntable near where the FJ&G track connected to the NYC near Broadway.  Was this an FJ&G turntable or was it a shared thing with the NYC?  How long did this turntable last?  Was it in existence until 1955?
      Jason Cook
      New Haven, IN 

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