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13875Re: [FJGRailroad] Fall Get Together

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  • Aaron Keller
    Jul 16, 2009
      I could use advice such as this.  What products would you recommend, Dick?

      My general thought is that --- if this group wants to chip in to do the repairs --- I could probably get together with a couple people and do the patching work this summer, and then we could do the painting as time allows.  Obviously several steps are involved, and as discussed, this could be a smaller work detail involving some of us who live a little closer to Gloversville.  Photos of course would be available to all, as well as the ability to visit.


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      Hey Guys,

      Please allow me to offer some professional advice.  Any concrete patching work or painting should be done when 24 hour temperatures are above 50 F.  It can get cool at night in the mountains after after the sun goes down.  And don't forget the liquid bonding agent for the concrete patching.


      On Jul 14, 2009, at 6:55 PM, Gino's Railpage wrote:

      Hi guys,
      Well, Paul and I were talking and thought we'd throw an idea out to the group.  What does
      October 3rd sound like?  We figure it's still nice out, usually not too rainy, the foliage will
      be nice and the Jewish holidays are out of the way.  A Mountain Lake Railroad Theme could
      be the theme.  We could set up a tour of the old Right-of-way, make a visit to the Fulton County
      Museum to see Eber Davis' Collection, spruce up the remaining mile-posts, take a bus ride,
      do some slide shows and show-and-tells and finish up with a nice dinner.
      Of course this is open to every one's input, but it definitely gives people time to make some travel plans.
      Also, the hotel rates are lower in October.
      Let us know what you all think and we'll go from there...
      Italian #62

      http://fjgrr. org

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