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  • Richard Finn
    Mar 25, 2009
      Just about a year ago we were visiting friends in Banning, CA about 30 miles north of Perris on "Da 10".  As I had expressed interest to go to the OEM, friend Hal took me there on a Thursday.  Unfortunately the Museum was closed but the office was open.  The young lady there found one of the volunteers, and after several minutes of persuasion by Hal and me, he opened the barn where 127 was stored.  It was the last object on the track next to the back wall, but I spotted it right away.

      Cosmetically it looked very well on it's port side.  I was unable to see the starboard side because it was inaccessible.  That is the good news.

      The bad news is that it has not been moved since another friend of mine from G'ville saw it 6 years ago.  He got to meet John Smatlek who gave him a fine tour.  (I don't think the guy I met was John).  The Museum is a huge facility of mostly Western railroading and traction looks very run down, and needs big $$$$ and plenty of man & woman power.  (Do you folks like my PCishness?)

      The Museum is constantly looking for volunteers.  Last year the area of Riverside and south was experiencing phenomenal growth in both population and industry.  I would have mentioned to some of you younger members that if you could stand 120 F desert summer heat, there were many opportunities for both employment and volunteering at the OEM.  But the economy and fiscal condition of CA make it very unattractive to live, but OK to visit.  Our daughter and son-in-law in Orange County says businesses are leaving CA in droves because of the political/economic conditions and tax penalties against businesses.

      Dick (GHS 1951 and now in eastern MA)

      On Mar 24, 2009, at 5:30 PM, Dicarlo, Gino wrote:

      This is from the Orange Empire People...
      Bullet's 125, 127 and 129 were offered to the Orange Empire Museum. The 127 was in the
      best shape out of all of them.  The museum decided to keep the 127 and scrap the 125 and 129
      to salvage parts for the restoration of the 127.  The cars were being used as bunk houses for
      migrant workers at a Pickle Factory in Utah. 
      The 128 was purchased by an individual to create the Diner outside of Salt Lake City.
      The 126 was purchased by an individual with the intention of restoring her, but she was pretty
      much sitting around for the last 40 years in storage.  A rail museum in Utah has acquired her
      for restoration at their museum.
      It will be nice to have two Baby Bullets on display somewhere in the world.  It would be nice
      to have one painted for the FJ&G, but the 127 is going to sport Bamberger paint and car 126
      is going to a museum not far from where she worked at the end of her career...

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      Dear Aaron and Gino: I'm a tad confused by
      this. Does 125 still exist? Anybody know
      what happened to 129. ---Andy

      --- In FJGRailroad@ yahoogroups. com, "Dicarlo, Gino" <Gino.Dicarlo@ ...> wrote:
      > Aaron,
      > Thanks for the link of the car on the flat car. According to John
      > Smatlek of the OEM, it's
      > 126 on the flat car and the 128 is the Diner.
      > Gino
      > ____________ _________ _________ __
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      > Are these the cars?
      > No. 128:
      > http://www.railpict ures.net/ viewphoto. php?id=218621& nseq=29
      > No. 126:
      > http://www.dhke. com/railroad/ utah/art. htm
      > Art City Trolley Restaurant
      > 256 N. Main St.
      > Springville, Utah
      > No. 127:
      > http://www.oerm. org/pages/ brr127.html
      > -Aaron

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