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  • Gino's Railpage
    Mar 10, 2009
      If there had been eBay in 1995, perhaps the blueprints in the attic may still be around!
      I want to say that amy people view more items as "collectibles" now, which may have
      been viewed as "junk" in the past...

      On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 6:50 PM, Aaron Keller <akeller_1979@...> wrote:

      The JFK files were unfortunately not in the freight house.  Perhaps it would have been a good place to store such things, however, as it seems no one went up to the attic before the building came down.

      The front of the building as we know had two stories.  The downstairs (slightly elevated from the concrete addition of the 1950s) was once home to the local freight agent and I believe there was a counter inside for paying freight bills.  The counter was long gone when the building came down. 

      The second floor was empty when the building was torn down.  The edges of the roof of the second floor were gabled so as to allow the roof to continue upward at the appropriate slope.

      In the very top of the building was an attic of the old-fashioned type; a trap door opened to what must have been a crawl space; and in that crawl space I am told were blueprints to Sacandaga Park and other buildings on the line.  The City of Gloversville destroyed those records even though I had asked for all material and paperwork to be saved and placed one of two places:  either in the city archives, if they wanted it, or in my hands, if they didn't.  Ultimately I was told that the records were thrown in the Gloversville dump.

      No one believed that there was anything in the crawl space, so the story of the demolition was related to me on the afternoon the building came down.  City crews pulled down the back of the building and all the documents came loose and went flying.  When I got done with school I went down there to find many of the records laying in the mud.  The rest had already been carted away.

      I don't know if I can blame anyone for losing what was lost.  The building was not stable.  The crawl space would have required two things:  a very large ladder; and people willing to risk their safety to go up there and look and see what was available.  And of course at that time the building was the city's property; I know for a fact that the risk managers did not want safety risked (read:  possible lawsuits pending) as the result of historical exploration.

      I saved what little was left by the time I got down there to observe; mostly freight claims that were submitted to the railroad's insurance.  They contain little historical value other than to show where some of the shipments were coming and going.

      Among the neat items which I have mentioned to most of you before and shown those of you who were interested were a series of commercials taken out by the railroad on WENT radio.  The railroad had retained the broadcast copy sheets read by the announcers.  They were smooth and breezy and in the format of 1950s era radio. 

      Re:  JFK.  Try the Freedom of Information Act; or the FBI's website; which contains declassified files on many famous public figures.


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      Neat to see the missing image finally come to light!
      You didn't find the secret files on the JFK assassination, did you?

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