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13524RE: [FJGRailroad] Northville Div. Abandonment

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  • Dicarlo, Gino
    Mar 10, 2009
      Bob Bedford told me that rail remained under the lake for a few years after
      the abandonment.  It eventually was salvaged when the water  level dropped
      dramatically due to a drought.  I can't remember for sure, but it
      was either 1932 or 1933 when the remaining rail was grabbed.

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      I see the misunderstanding.  The rails were not all removed before the flood arrived; that is correct. However the rails were removed from the north to the south.  All rails were required to be removed by March 23, an amazing week and two days after the last regular train ran.  An exension of thirty days was granted but was obviously not enough.  In ten days the wrecking crews had progressed south of the park but not yet to Cranberry Creek.  By April 8 the water had risen too quickly trapping a couple FJ&G flat cars on the wrong side of the lake.  These were hauled back by one of the gas cars because the steam locomotive fireboxes were too low not to be affected by the water.  More than a mile of track remained under the water in 1930.  This rail is located at the lowest portions of the Vlaie.  As the water rose the rate slowed as the area to be filled expanded rapidly this gave the wreckers "time" to complete removal of the bridges and the rail south ofthe inundated stretch.  Somewhere I believe there was an oportunity to go in and remove that rail; can't put my hand on it now.  I believe it was eventually all removed the next year.  On the other hand the estimated value of the lost salvage was stated to be between $1100 and $1500, hardly worth a purposeful lowering of the reservoir.
      The FJ&G retained rail from the junction toward the area that later became Mayfield Lake.  This is the piece where the old trolleys and passenger cars were taken for burning.  I have heard but not yet verified that the rails continued to the lake - perhaps to facilitate ice harvesting and transport.  This is before the Mayfield dam was completed. 

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      Subject: [FJGRailroad] Northville Div. Abandonment

      ...tracks were left in for many years after abandonment.

      This is an interesting point we've never discussed. I've always assumed that the Northville line was taken up from Northville back to Broadalbin Jct. We've all seen the photos of the crew out in the water and assumed this was the case. What you are saying is that the company had to clear the line that would be under water after 1930 immediately and the northern part would be cleared later. Do you know the date when the north end of the line was torn up?

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