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134Re: Engine Roster

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  • Aaron Keller
    Nov 2, 1999

      I know very little off-hand about the steam locomotives. What I do know is
      correct. I know little about the early locomotives and, from what I hear,
      most common rosters are inaccurate.

      Walt Danylak of Gloversville probably has the best available roster. I
      unfortunately do not have a copy of what he put together with me here in


      -----Original Message-----
      From: Gino And Kelly DiCarlo <dicarlos@...>
      To: FJG Railroad <FJGRailroad@onelist.com>
      Date: Tuesday, November 02, 1999 1:03 PM
      Subject: [FJGRailroad] Engine Roster

      >A guy on the internet supplied me with an FJG roster that he had
      >and he wanted me to check it. I'm posting his so that Paul Larner
      >and Aaron Keller could check it out. I know you guys, especially
      >Paul can tackle this. According to Paul, some of he info I have is
      >here it is...
      >1st.1 4-4-0 Manch.8/70 249 "Pioneer"
      > ren."David A.Wells"
      >2nd.1 4-4-0 Blw./80 cn.?? (from your ws)
      >1st.2 4-4-0 Sch.12/70 678 "Cayadutta"
      >2nd.2 ??
      >1st.3 4-4-0 Sch.10/71 728 "W.J.Heacock"
      >2nd.3 4-4-0 Blw./80 cn.?? (from your ws)
      >3rd.3 4-4-0 Sch./94 4204 (you say sc./29)
      >1st.4 4-6-0 Danf./74 or /75 (nothing else)
      >2nd.4 4-4-0 Alt./81 cn.?? (ex PRR cl.D-2a)
      >1st.5 2-6-0 Hink./76 (19x24)
      >2nd.5 4-4-0 Alt./81 cn.?? (ex PRR cl.D-2a)
      >1st.6 4-6-0 ex /88 PRR
      >2nd.6 4-4-0 Sch./99 5170 (you say sc./30)
      >1st.7 2-6-0 Sch./89 (from your ws)
      >2nd.7 0-6-0 Sch./93 4146 (you say sc./29)
      >1st.8 4-4-0 ex /89 PRR
      >2nd.8 4-4-0 Sch.5/01 6064
      >1st.9 4-4-0 ex /89 PRR
      >2nd.9 4-4-0 Sch.5/00 5557
      >10 0-5-0 Sch./93 4179
      >1st.11?? 0-4-4f Blw.3/79 4570 ex 5/03
      > Manhattan Ry.111
      >2nd.11 0-8-0 Sch./23 65158
      >12 2-6-0 Sch.4/00 5558
      >13 ??
      >14 0-6-0 Sch./26 66984
      > Now, there are 3 whose rd.nos.are not known:
      >0-4-4f Rh.Isl.3/79 751 ex 3/03 Manhattan Ry.120
      >0-4-4f Rh.Isl.3/79 758 ex MRy.127
      >0-4-4f Rh.Isl.3/79 761 ex MRy.130
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