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13371First Railroad Tunnel found in Schenectady

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  • Ken
    Aug 16, 2008
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      SCHENECTADY - City Historian Don Rittner has finally found what he says is
      the country's first rudimentary railroad tunnel, buried in the center of the
      historic Stockade district.

      The 15-foot-deep tunnel snakes its way across what are now a dozen or more
      private backyards. But in 1832, that land was a major thoroughfare - the
      foundation of the city's prosperity and growth for the next century.

      Hundreds of business owners and daring families rode through the tunnel on
      trains so experimental that they were considered too dangerous to be allowed
      on city streets. They could travel so fast and their engines could produce
      so many wild sparks that city leaders feared pedestrians would be run over
      and buildings burned down.

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