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13303Re: [FJGRailroad] Vails Mills

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  • Paul Charland
    May 1, 2008
      Hi Paul,

      Had a look for Mohawk Cabinet on Google and found they opened in 1958
      and Hussmann bought the building in the early '70s... another drawing
      bites the dust, too bad, it turned out kind of nice for a "modern building".

      Paul :-)

      Paul Larner wrote:
      > Paul
      > I was thinking about your timing the railroad pre July 1956.
      > After leaving Kingsboro Ave. station the next spur was east of the
      > road crossing at Vail Mills, between a country road and the track.
      > The arterial turnout, the arterial (Rte 30A), Mohawk Cabinet did not
      > yet exist. There was the concrete register and phone shelter at
      > Broadalbin Jct., also section signs, 3/4 at the register shelter, 4/6
      > at the former location of the junction switch. The was an tool and
      > warm up house,board and batten style, on the east/south side of the
      > track, half-way between Kasson's and Rupert's, and a low pole line
      > with two wires on the east or south side of the track also. Until
      > you arrived at the Yard Limit sign for Broadalbin there was nothing
      > else in addition to the Vail's Mills waiting room. Highway crossing
      > signs were not cross bucks, but NYState diamond style.
      > PKL
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